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Privacy policy and data protection regime

Privacy Policy – Since May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation regulates the privacy of the personal data of its holder using digital platforms. At we comply with all these RGPD principles and standards.

We will then seek to explain what personal data we collect, what its purpose, how we treat it, how we use it, with whom we eventually share it, and especially how long we retain it, how to exercise your rights and contact us to the effect.

The new RGPD mainly lays down rules on the processing of data relating to persons of the European Union (EU), whether by a person, a company or an organization.

RGPD protects personal data in a technology neutral way and applies to both manual and automated processing and then applies provided that the data is organized according to predefined criteria.

The protection requirements of the RGPD apply regardless of how they are stored, whether on paper, in a video surveillance system or computerized media.

The portal collects personal information and anonymous information.

Anonymous information is also collected when the user, holder of personal data, visits the digital platform. Its objective is to improve the browsing experience and operation of the portal.

Personal information is also collected when the user, the holder of the personal data, voluntarily provides his personal data when registering and entering his data.

In addition all this data is automatically collected and processed by computer and subsequently encrypted securely.

Registration on the Portal allows the user and personal data holder to access the services and subscription to newsletters and other portal features.

Accordingly, the portal does not disclose or make personal or anonymous information available to third parties, except in the following cases:

1. When the user and holder of personal data gives their prior consent.
2. When required by law
3. When in good faith we understand it necessary to protect our rights and property
4. In good faith it follows from the contractual content itself.
5. In the event of a transfer to any buyer or successor in an acquisition, merger, liquidation, dissolution or sale of assets.

In either case we will endeavor to communicate this to the data subject to the extent possible and where permitted by law.

The User and owner of the personal data, by making their personal data available on the portal, consents that they are treated in accordance with the privacy policy described above and the rules and principles of our digital platform.

We warn you that may have links to other websites or digital platforms that are not covered by’s privacy policy and we recommend that whenever you are the owner of the data navigate to these digital sites or platforms, check and be informed of their privacy policies and the terms and conditions under which they apply.

The portal reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy and this document. In such cases we will post a notice on our portal. However we advise you to read and consult this document regularly.
What personal data may be collected by the portal

1. Name and surname
2. Email Address
3. Personal Address
4. IP Address
5. Location Data
6. Cookies
7. Data from an ID Card
8. Property Data
9. Real Estate Address

The portal has a Data Protection Officer (EPD) within the scope of the RGPD who provides information and advises internally on the processing and obligations in the context of privacy and data protection and control. It is the point of contact with the user, holder of personal data for clarification and questions concerning the processing of his data and the point of contact with the supervisory authority (CNPD) on issues related to the processing of personal data in close cooperation with him. it is.

The data protection officer on the portal can be contacted at:

Categories of personal data collected:

1. Name, Civil or Tax Identification Number,
2. Passport number or resident card,
3. Address, phone, email address,
4. photographs and real estate files,
5. Photos from the mobile device.
6. Geo-location, personal ID, IP address, social network addresses,
7. Mobile device type, operating system, operating system version,
8. Eventually, profession and socioeconomic data.

Purpose of personal data collected:

1. analysis of navigation profiles,
2. Registration for identification of interested parties, ease of contact and registration of activities.
3. adaptation, improvement and development of new products;
4. Creation and elaboration of informative content or services.
5. Submitting Promotions
6. Sending newsletters
7. Sending Alerts and / or Notifications
8. Technical Answers to Questions and / or Complaints

When do we collect and process your personal data?

The collection of personal data is done orally by contacting the Call Center, in writing or through the portal.

Your consent must also be expressed, orally or in writing or by validation of one or more portal options, provided in an informed, free, specific and unambiguous manner.

Compliance with legal obligation

Personal data may be required to fulfill a legal obligation, for example, the communication of identification or traffic data to law enforcement, judicial, tax or regulatory entities or location data to provide emergency services. Or justified by reasons of legitimate interest related to performing the tasks related to your portal activity, such as processing data for quality of service improvement, fraud detection and revenue protection and when force majeure for their use should take precedence over your data protection rights.

How long do we store, process and store your data?

The Akivenda portal stores the personal data of the User and holder according to the purposes for which it was provided and only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes that dictated its collection and storage and always in accordance with the law and guidelines of CNPD or until exercise its right of objection or withdraw its written consent.

After this period the data is deleted.

Personal data may thus be transmitted to third parties, such as companies with whom develops partnerships and always in the event that the holder has consented to it or to entities to whom the data must be communicated by law, such as Tax Authority, judicial authorities, criminal police bodies, among others.

Our procedures to ensure the security of your data protection:

1. The personal data collected will be encrypted using SSL protocol, namely Secure Socket Layer.
2. This technology is used to enhance the security of data transmission over the Internet by encrypting and protecting sensitive data and information using the HTTPS protocol.
3. SSL enables the data subject to be assured that all information is handled with the utmost security, thus avoiding fraudulent use of the data.